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While Molly can customize talks to fit your group and your health and fitness objectives, examples of virtual and in-person talk options include:

Habits for Highly Effective Athletes

After writing ‘Becoming A Consummate Athlete,’ Molly Hurford has been speaking to groups and clubs about the power that small daily habits have to improve your training and racing as well as your life in general. Because racing and training will look different this year, this is a great time for athletes to focus on lifestyle changes and becoming healthier humans, not just staying trapped on the weekly racing circuit that doesn't allow for breaks, experimentation, or development of strong habits outside of sport-specific training. We’ll talk about habits and routines that athletes can implement throughout their day/week that can help them develop as stronger all-around athletes, covering basics how to add in yoga, core work, body-weight strength and general movement (i.e walking more!) to daily life, as well as non-exercise routines that athletes and coaches can focus on this year, from sleep to visualization to eating smarter.

Nutrition 101

Join coach and author of ‘Fuel Your Ride’ Molly Hurford for an evening chat all about how to fuel your cycling right—on and off the bike. We’re not talking about dieting, we’re talking about eating smart while still loving every meal and making sure our bodies are nourished for optimal performance. No topic is out of bounds for this chat, whether you're wondering how to eat enough protein, what you should snack on pre-ride, or how to tell if you're eating enough, we'll cover it! (Molly is also Precision Nutrition Level 1-certified)

Goal Setting + Journalling

Based on the RECORD section of ‘Becoming A Consummate Athlete,’ this session is all about doing some journaling and thinking about goals for the upcoming year/season, and breaking those goals into daily and weekly steps. It’s a practical approach to figuring out what to focus on, and will help athletes understand how practice, habits, and work on technical skills will help them meet their riding and racing goals. This will be an interactive, fun session (and is great when paired with a short yoga session before or after to really get into the zone!)

Ride Happy, Ride Comfortable

Do you need to wear underwear with a chamois? Why not? What the heck is chamois cream? What does a saddle sore look like and what do I do if I have one? All of these questions are uncomfortable—but they’re all common and normal for cyclists to wonder about! Molly wrote “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy” to address these awkward issues and answer the most intimate questions girls and women who ride wonder about, and she loves hosting talks to share her best tips. This is a great chance for women to have a safe space to ask all the awkward questions about cycling.

Yoga for Athletes

A session of mobility and core work targeting common cyclist/runner/athlete weaknesses and sore points. Expect some serious core work: get ready to hold those planks a little longer than usual! We’ll also focus on hip mobility, some balance work, and some relaxing moments at the end of the session. All you need are some comfy clothes and a yoga mat (if you have one). This is a yoga class that provides some helpful takeaways for cyclists, like which postures are good for tight hips or a sore upper back. (Molly is a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga instructor.)

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